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Rides and Where To Ride / area 51
« on: November 14, 2016, 10:33:02 am »
anyone do this? i thought they put out a great track and conditions aside from the wind were great. for the afternoon they added a ton of new singletrack too. it was gnarly nasty stuff and im sure it pissed off the moto guys. haha.

all three of these tracks put on great loops and had fantastic conditions. super fun mini series and awesome to have 3 races within an hour.

Rides and Where To Ride / hogback XO race
« on: May 04, 2016, 09:46:41 am »
anyone thinking of doing this? looks intriguing, you hogback guys have any info on course layout?

Tips and help / 24hr tips and recap.
« on: August 25, 2015, 05:40:43 pm »
thought it might be nice to have a thread just on lessons learned and race recaps. it sounds like most of us would do this again, so how can we do better!?

for me this was a positive experience, but there are definitely things i would change.

1. gold bond powder for the win, i cannot stress the difference this stuff made on my hands and butt once i started using it around 2am. definitely going to use this right from the start next time.
2. light, lights, lights; i thought i had decent lights: 2 task racing helmet lights, next time i will add a light bar on the bike too. i just did not have enough light to go as fast as i wanted at night.
3. a pit crew would have helped me, even if it was just a couple friends. at night i got mentally fatigued and just having someone in the pits to keep you pumped up, help get the bike gassed up, give you fresh gloves and goggles would have really helped keep me motivated.
4. i can go a lot harder and longer than i thought. i sold myself short assuming i wouldnt be able to put in the laps i needed/wanted to, but when it was all over all i could think about was how much i wished i put more in. i still felt fine and wished i pushed harder.
5. nutrition, i think a huge part of me feeling good goes to the recovery/energy gels. i was shocked at how well my muscles held up. no cramping no lactic acid build up, i felt great. once the race kicked off i survived on pieces of chicken breast, nuts, peanut butter and oat balls and, recovery gels; that with a bottle of water after every session kept me feeling great.

Dirtbike, quad, and street bike talk / Hey brenden.
« on: May 24, 2014, 08:53:13 pm »
How's that clutch cover?

Rides and Where To Ride / friday afternoon
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:34:02 pm »
anyone want to skip out of work friday afternoon and hit some trails?

Rides and Where To Ride / 6-15, 6-16
« on: June 12, 2013, 10:46:58 pm »
anyone racing wynoa at cato this weekend, or looking to trail ride? probably be a bit damp, group rides are always fun in the mud.

Tips and help / millville 2 review
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:38:01 am »
i know a lot of us run kendas, so i thought there would be interest in a review of the millville 2. i picked up a set from race tools last week and spooned them on for this weekend. i am little confused about what conditions this tire is for. the rear is multi directional that can either be run as scooping mud style or a digging hard pack style. the front has an opened diamond shaped pattern down the middle but tight knobs on the edge. i don't know exactly what they were shooting for. conditions on saturday were moist, but not slimy, only a few spots were what i would consider muddy. the dirt was glorious wayne county sandy loam, which usually sticks like glue when damp. the rear tire was iffy, it didn't suck but i didn't think it did anything well either. i accidentally ran it in the scoop direction, next time I'll run it the opposite way. the front tire was really questionable, the side knobs would pack up immediately i had zero confidence in it if the soil was even somewhat moist. it felt ok on a hardpack rocky trail, but it wasn't exactly great. i will be pulling these off and putting on my usual tire a washugal. when it gets hot and dry, I'll mount them back up and try them again. for comparison brenden was running an s-12 front and a washugal rear. he had no complaints about front tire performance and only lit up the back tire in a couple spots.     my computer needs a reset; my enter key is opening up my power supply management. so there are a lack of paragraphs.

Dirtbike, quad, and street bike talk / Power Valves.
« on: May 12, 2013, 06:07:34 pm »
I have to share this.

6 years ago i bought my first bike, an 01 CR250. it was bonkers, no lowend and and then it would suddenly explode, fishtailing wildly, and throwing chunks of earth. i just assumed that this is what CR250's were supposed to do, and so i happily rode it until Bardeen bought an 01 CR250, i realized his was nothing like mine, nothing at all. his jumped right off idle and pulled smoothly into the midrange. after a bit of thinking we figured out that the PV was in backwards. it would actually close slightly in the upper range before going full open again, fixing that made it a whole new bike.

bike number 2 was an 05yz125 with an athena 144 kit. this was a nice bike, good lowend and midrange. for a 125 it was pretty easy to ride, this lasted for exactly 1 week. thats when i did the newark enduro, it poured rain and a pin came out of the PV leaving it stuck wide open. this was the most un-rideable device ever created. it didnt start to move till 8000rpm at which point it exploded; if traction was even somewhat questionable it just spun out. the entire newark enduro that year was made up of questionable traction. i dont know how i finished.

bike 3 was another 05yz125 which i bought to cannibalize parts, it is the only bike that didnt have PV issues.

bike 4 is an 05yz 250, i rode it for 10 minutes and said, you know brenden, i kind of think the PV is goofed on this thing; ride it and tell me what you think. the PV is in backwards; this time it worked, but only from mid up, it doesnt close all the way, this makes for a rather difficult to ride XC bike. fortunately im so used to recognizing this issue, that i only spent one ride dealing with it.

im left wondering if i just have incredible luck at picking these bikes, or are there tons of people out there riding 2-strokes with dysfunctional PV's? when the PV doesnt close all the way, it makes the bike feel incredibly fast, i can see goons liking their bike this way. it makes me wonder about all those people who talk about that one bike they owned that was crazy fast, the bike that they were sure had a works cylinder, or some kind of factory abnormality that made it fast. i bet they just had broken PV's

Pictures and Video / everybody's favorite race is back!
« on: May 02, 2013, 08:09:22 am »

i love this so much, its hard for me to laugh too hard, because im sure theyre all better than i would be. however if all of us did this course i would be laughing at us too, so im not sexist, just a jerk. actually one girl totally nails the course, i was impressed.

Dirtbike, quad, and street bike talk / hey, big fellas
« on: April 18, 2013, 10:13:46 pm »
Since this place isn't exactly a collection of svelte youngsters i figured this would be the place to ask.

Would a 250f lug a 230-240lb guy around without feeling too slow? I know some of you have or have had 250f's and are that size, is the lack if power an issue on the track?

Craigslist and Ebay ads / anyone know these bikes?
« on: April 16, 2013, 07:25:17 pm »
friend of mine is going to look at these tomorrow. im going to assume this guy races, any of you guys know this guy and or his bike history?
also if anyone comes across any good deals let me know. he's not too picky, just wants a descent MX bike, hasnt ridden in a few years and wants to get back into it.

Rides and Where To Ride / 8/5 king ferry 8/26 greek peak
« on: July 29, 2012, 08:14:47 pm »
couple good wynoa races coming up. 8/5 is king ferry, long loops lots of woods and a good stream section. 8/26 greek peak. one of my favorite races and i did it in a hurricane. if you do any races this year do this one.

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